23 January 2011

Etsy Spotlight: Wags and Wiggles

Like most pets, our two dogs love a good chew on a dog toy (or a slipper, or father-in-laws expensive leather shoe, or the contents of my handbag...).  Unfortunately most dog toys present a challenge for the aesthetically minded pet owner, with most reeking of over-the-top cute or showcasing seriously offensive colour combinations.  

So thank goodness for Wags and Wiggles - handmade dog and cat toys that are sturdy, fun for your pets and also (hurrah!) easy on the eye.  The toys have just the right amount of quirk, don't you think?  I gave them as xmas presents to a variety of furry friends, and they went down very well (except that my Mum liked them so much she almost couldn't bear to hand them over to her mutt!).

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  1. Em is absolutley right, these toys are almost too good for dogs, however I did relent and give one to my dog Jack and it has proved to be one of the best and most durable toys she has had.

  2. They're lovely - I've never explored the world of dog toys on etsy ... I shall do that on my next shopping mission!! :D


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