02 January 2011

A trip to the snow

Hello there!  How is your whole xmas/new year shebang going?  It's all been rather good and delicious and relaxing here, apart from the fact that I seem to be starting 2011 off with a whopper of a head cold...

We went to the snow last week, four days skiing at Alpensia and the near-by YongPyong.  As we've come to expect from our little Korean sojourns everything from accommodation to equipment rental to retail was spotlessly clean, great value-for-money and ridiculously well organised.  

As an added novelty, each resort also has an all-season water park, so after a morning of skiing you can then ride a water slide, if you choose.  As you can imagine this particular slice of Korean-ness was especially popular with the step-sons.  (Personally, I am still adjusting to the change room, um, ettiquitte.  But that is for another post...)

I didn't have my camera with me, but I had fun playing with the iPhone and using some photography apps - the current favourite being CrossProcess.


  1. Love the bluey tones of the snow ones, so is your concern about the ease with which women walk around naked? I am sure over time you will get used to it... M

  2. Love your photos ... and the snow trip sounds fabulous! :)

    I look forward to hearing more about the 'change room' issues ... I have a few issues with gym change-room etiquette myself ... in that some people don't seem to have any! ;)


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