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I'm Emily. I live in the sparkling city of Sydney, Australia. I grew up in Melbourne and I've spent six years living in Asia. These days, Instagram is my second home.

This blog tends to reflect my life - when things are happy, this blog is happy. When I'm confused or annoyed or ranty, this blog is a little bit confused and annoyed and ranty.

I post about life, travel, things to watch and things to read and things to eat, craft, dachshunds and whatever else takes my fancy.

Like most of you (I suspect?), I'm a bag of contradictions. I love a healthy plate of quinoa and greens as much as I love a cheeseburger. I exercise so I can eat more ice cream. I have a head full of ideas but might just decide to laze on the couch tonight. I listen to Radio National obsessively, except when I'm listening to Rihanna.

I think that good things are better than not good things. And that often those good things are teeny tiny little things that we can miss if we don't pay attention. I try to pay attention.

Emily x

ps. If you have any questions, get in touch, I'm quite friendly... 

jorpins_blog [at] yahoo.com.au 

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