08 January 2011

Good Things...

This morning I woke up to sunshine and snow!  A light dusting of fresh stuff on the balcony, a few stray flakes falling and the gentle warmth of the winter sun.  A perfectly gorgeous start to the weekend, just when the Korean winter was starting to drag a bit...

...and speaking of the long, cold winter (it very rarely gets above zero degrees Celsius at the moment), having survived my first month I promise to never ever speak disdainfully of earmuffs again.  They might look a bit silly, but gosh they are actually damn sensible.  Life (ear?) savers. These beauties are from Muji.  I love Muji.  I have been slowly growing my earmuff collection, as I keep leaving the house without them and then am forced to pick up a pair when my head starts to go all tingly with the cold. (ps. if any of you know how I can get my hands on the Muji x LEGO goodies I would be eternally grateful...)

I know it wasn't on my list of creative goals for 2011 but I have got to try sashiko this year. Sashiko (which, according to Wikipedia, literally means 'little stabs'!) is a kind of Japanese embroidery, and to me it is everything wonderful and good.  I can't wait to give it a go.  I think this introductory how-to from The Purl Bee will be a good starting point.  (Photo is from good-ness, whose photostream I have just fallen in love with.)

Korea has some great lifestyle / home decor magazines that I regularly buy and drool over.  This kids rooms is from the January issue of Lemon Tree - isn't it great?  I especially love that tree-shelf. My dream craft room would look a bit like this, I think.  But with way more storage.  Way more.

As you might expect, my sister has a knack for getting me ace presents.  This amazing paper-craft book was part of my xmas package.  Every page is bursting with seriously good stuff.  Thanks sis!


  1. Happy New Year Emily - what a feast of a post!

    I love the pics and the ear muffs ... and the paper craft book looks fab!

    Sashiko is on my list for 2011 too ... I love the clean lines (and the fact that it's just straight stitch!)

    Can't wait to get going ...

  2. Thank you! And yes - I adore the clean lines of sashiko too (problem is, I haven't been known for my ability to sew/cut/draw in straight lines in the past...)

  3. I love your earmuffs! Muji is brilliant, so many lovely things although I always feel that they really ought to be in the life of someone cleaner and more organised than me...Love the pictures in the book too!

  4. I love your photos - sunshine and snow, what a wonderful combination
    ... those earmuffs look adorable and so very warm, I completely understand the addiction.

    I'm going to investigate sashiko further ... looks beautiful, if it's not too hard I may just give it a go too.

  5. I'm so happy to have found your blog! I have never heard of sashiko, but will definitely check it out...although, straight lines and me...?
    Love, love, love that paper craft book!


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