30 January 2011

Road trip!

Next week we are going on our first Korean road trip!  I am so very excited!  I adore a road trip, the flexibility and freedom that it gives you (plus you don't have to worry about lost passports and over-weight luggage).  

Some of my all-time favourite travel memories are from road trips.  Spying emus running beside the car near the Grampians in Victoria; seeing the wild sea as we sheltered from a storm during a camping trek up the Australian coast; laughing hysterically as we rounded the roundabout one more time, trying in vain to make sense of the crazy Italian road signage.  Oh yes, and then there was the time I realised the reason we kept getting lost was because I was looking at a map for an entirely different part of the country.

We'll be traveling during the new year holiday, when traditionally everyone heads back to their home town, so that'll add a whole other layer to our trip.  I'd like to say I'll be posting as we drive, but the anti-wasting-time-on-line husband may curtail that.  Never mind, I've got a ton of fun stuff planned for the blog while I'm away!


  1. Wow, Emily, you are BRAVE, getting on the road during Sul-nal. I have memories of huge traffic jams from when we lived in Busan, in the south of Korea. Where are you headed, exactly? For Lunar New Year in China, we are headed south (by plane) to Yunnan province.

  2. Brave or stupid, I'm not sure...however I think we've planned our entry and exit from Seoul to avoid the worst of it (leaving and returning two days earlier than the official holidays) so fingers crossed we don't just spend five days in traffic jams! Have packed plenty of audio books, just in case we do...

    We are spending a night in Daegu, the two nights around Namhae (hoping to see some dinosaur foot prints) and a night in Daejon on the way back to Seoul. If you have any recommendations for sights to see I'd gladly accept them!

  3. How exciting - I hope you have an amazing time!! :D


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