20 January 2011

Crafting the New Year

One of my favourite things about living in Asia is that you get two new years.  That means twice the renewal, twice the fresh starts, twice that sense of every-thing's-going-to-be-better-from-here-on-in - hurrah!  Near the beginning of February is the transition from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit.  The Year of the Rabbit is meant to be all about calm, peacefulness, diplomacy and negotiation.  Here's hoping (or hopping?).  

The past few nights I've been having a a bit of rabbit-y fun creating new years cards and gifts for some of our friends back in Hong Kong.  As I've mentioned before, we currently live opposite one of the biggest markets in Seoul - Namdaemun Market - and the paper craft and gift wrap supplies available there are so very good.  Every time I  visit I always walk away excited and inspired (and with a giant bag full of ribbons...).  It's my kind of heaven!


  1. Two chances at renewal is ideal. I always stuff up the first, but maybe the Chinese new year will be my year? x

  2. Oh my ... you are certainly a talented bunny crafter. Your cards look wonderful - as a rabbit lover I'm hoping that means this year will be extra special indeed! :)

  3. Maxabella - I'm the same. January is normally a slightly slothful blur, so having a second chance is awesome!

    Tracey - Thank you so much! And yes, I think the bunny year will be a good one!


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