18 September 2012

What I Wore : Etsy About Page

If you're an Etsy seller you'll no doubt be aware that some time back they introduced a new feature - the 'About' page. Basically it's a space that lets you tell potential customers a little more about who you are, what you make, and how/where you make it. So a little while ago, before the crazy travel times really got started, I put together my about page. I'm quite pleased with how it all turned out (you can have a look here). 

In the shots of me (which were taken with a self timer whilst my camera was balanced precariously on the kitchen bench) I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses from Sydney shop of awesome made590 (alas, they no longer sell this one, but they do have lots of other great stuff...). The white belt is from Zara.

12 September 2012

Collecting Colour : September is Pink

Where oh where is this year going? I got a bit panicky typing the title for this post. I mean September?!! How did that happen? Sigh. 

Pink hasn't ever really been a big part of my life. I have never been a girly girl, never had a Hello Kitty crush or dreams of being a ballerina. But putting this collection together I realised pink can be a very happy colour - bright and frothy and fun! (And, for some reason, apparently favoured by book cover designers...). 

In this collection are several books - two vintage favourites (an Australian road atlas and The Pai-Pai Pig), some Wallpaper* guides, and one on traditional kokeshi dolls. There's also some Instax Minis of my ridiculously bright pink tootsies against some vintage pink fabric; some fat quarters (including one from Melissa Bombardiere, her designs are so great); five swap cards (that grey poodle, dear lord!); stickers; Hubba Bubba; a dog sweater (which is now way too small for either Ferdi or Elfi); some scratch and sniff stickers; gingham ribbon and a beautiful Iitalla glass goblet, which we just picked up in Helsinki on our way back from Europe last month.

* * * * * * *

Every month through 2012 I'll be 'collecting colour', and you can join in too!  Link up below, and/or add your photo to the Flickr group here.  And go here to get all the information you need.  

08 September 2012

The Southern Spain Trip : My Top Five

Well actually one of the five is in France. And one of the five is kind of in international waters. But enough explaining, let's get on with the post...* 

1. Segovia
That's Segovia up there - stunning huh? Segovia is about 45 minutes drive from Madrid (unless you miss the turn off, as we may or may not have done, and then it's 1.5 hours from Madrid...). When you're looking for somewhere close to Madrid to spend a night or two, everyone seems to recommend Toldeo. And I can sort of understand why - the place just oozes history and it has lots of lovely buildings. But it's also hot (really hot) and kind of a bit soulless in a strange way. We had planned to stay in Toledo for two nights on this trip, but after one night we packed our bags and took off to Segovia. 

Segovia really was stunning - a beautiful old town, complete with an amazingly intact Roman aqueduct, gorgeous cathedral and fairytale-esque castle. Plus it has good shopping and very lively tapas bars. It felt like a town where the locals lived their life, not just one where tourists came and gawked. 

We stayed in the Parador, which was a bit out of town but had a pool and a great restaurant, both with a view looking back over the town (see above photo at sunset - magic!). It also had some awesome 70s architecture - giant spaces filled with giant indoor plants, big concrete slabs, exposed brickwork - it looked just the way people in the 50s imagined how the future would look.

2. Dolphins off the coast of Malaga
We've been on a few big boats in the Mediterranean and we've never seen dolphins and it's always disappointed me (because really, how awesome are dolphins?). But the first night of our cruise as we were pulling out of Malaga and heading to Valencia, as the sun was setting and we were eating dinner, a constant parade of dolphins was passing by. Some on their own, some in groups of ten or twenty; some jumping and playing, some just swimming along in that graceful way they do. I didn't have my camera with me, but that's okay, because it was enough just to be able to watch them pass by.

3. Corsica
One of the stops on the boat we were both looking forward to (mainly because it was a new place) was the island of Corsica. Corsica was delightfully French (the food!), rather pretty and had a relaxed beachy feel. We wandered about, drooled a bit at the food market, and ate a tasty loooong lunch. And I wore one of my favourite vintage frocks (this one). It's a place I think we'd both like to visit again (and not just for the world's best worst photoshopped postcards ever).

4. The Alhambra, Granada 
After getting off the boat and picking up a hire car, we drove to Granada. Granada is a nice enough town, but what makes it worth a visit is the spectacular Calat Alhambra (Red Castle) and the stunning gardens (the Generalife) that surround it. The photos barely capture the loveliness of it all...

5. The Sunsets

*I've been watching a lot of Miranda lately. Have you watched it? You should, if you can find it. She is a very funny lady.

ps. More (many more) photos from the trip will be on my Flickr soon!

07 September 2012

Death by Doxie : Elfi and the Suitcase

All this travel is making Elfi even more neurotic than usual. 

Whenever I'm home she's been my little shadow, following me from room to room throughout the day. She's been making love eyes at the husband and weasels about desperate for a pat but also trying to act like she could take it or leave it. She's more vocal than usual too, with her Scooby Doo voice getting quite the workout anytime we walk through the front door (as an aside, the husband thinks I'm turning into Scooby Doo, but that's a whole other story...). 

When I was unpacking recently, Elfi showed her displeasure by plonking herself right on top of the suitcase. Just look at those sad, sad eyes.

ps. Don't feel too sad for Elfi - we actually have an awesome dog sitter that Elfi loves, she stays at our house when we're away and I'm sure spoils her silly.