13 January 2011

New in store: gift tags!

I've been madly making gift tags the past few nights - oh what fun!  I love the process of coming up with different combinations, playing around with variations on shape and colour.  Plus - these are the first product shots with my fancy-pants new camera.  Am I happy?  Yes, I am!  It's going to be a good year for craft, me thinks!

Also, most of you are no doubt aware of the mad crazy floods happening in Australia at the moment, some of you may even be dealing with the mess of it all right now.  I know there are all kinds of horrible things going on all over the world all of the time, and there's only so much we as individuals can do.  But there is something about it being in my home country and affecting people and places I know that does pull at the heart strings more than usual.  And every little bit of help does indeed count.

If you feel like doing your bit to help the soggy people and animals of Queensland there's a ton of ways you can.  Here's a few links to get you started:
Give dollars here.
Give dollars to help animals here.
Buy handmade stuff here.
Donate handmade stuff to sell here.

UPDATE: I see the wonderful Lexi at Pottymouthmama has a post with some extra links to giveaways and events targeted at raising funds for QLD.  Have a look here.

And Pip at Meet Me At Mikes has a fantastic round up of everything that's going on in the field of flood fundraising here.

Plus - ANZA Korea are dedicating their first Global Cafe event to help with fundraising efforts.  Find the details here.

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  1. Hey Emily,

    These tags are so cute. After reading all of the "What people are searching for...posts on HS I've decided to add tags to my list of growing crafts for this year. Why not right, we do love paper! Plus, they can be used for anytime during the year. I bought some bamboospun yarn that I can't wait to try with them.

    New camera??? Lucky. I'm loving my new laptop, I've named him Tosh for short, it's a Toshiba, lol. It was difficult introducing him to the dogs, for he will be getting a lot of my attention now also. We'll make it work.

    Your mention of the flood efforts is nice. I'll have to check into the donate handmade goods section. I was watching some coverage on the news today, terrible. They kept showing the lady grabbing for a rope with her dog in one hand and then she let go to grab on, my heart stopped. Such a terrible disaster.

    Later my friend.......


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