29 January 2011

Hello there!

Hello!  I'm still here!  Are you still here?  Things have been a little bit quite of late, life does tend to get in the way of blogging sometimes.  

There's been lots of good things going on: playing with paper, hanging out with the step-sons (and waving a sad goodbye to their long Australian-summer school holidays), and then we went skiing for a few days at Konjiam which was kind of amazing because it is literally about 60 minutes drive from our apartment!  It's a fairly small resort but so close, and the snow was great and the food delicious. And the slopes are pretty much open all night - quite the novelty watching car loads of people turn up to start skiing just as we are finishing dinner!  The photo above was taken from the warm comfort of our hotel room, while we sat mesmerized watching the very talented Korean snowboarders, who were just warming up at 11pm.  I love living in Korea!

And there's been a few not-so-good things going on too, mainly my Dad's been a bit sick which makes me feel very far away.  It would be so nice to visit him right now, or at least just be around Melbourne-town so I could help my sister and Raph with everything.  I don't love living in Korea. Sigh.

Anyway, there is a giveaway afoot!  And a road trip to boot!  And things to make!  And photos to take!  And I seem to have come over all Play School, must mean it's time to go...

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