16 January 2011

If you're a vegetarian, look away now...

...because there's a whole lot of meat in this post.

First up, let me explain that my husband is a little like Rob, the dentist.  Not in that he is a dentist (he isn't), but in that I can't show you his face.  The husband doesn't really 'get' the internet, outside of where it provides immediate usefulness and/or entertainment, and I promised when I started the blog that I'd spare him.  I'm thinking of referring to him as Rob from here on in, but it might confuse newcomers.  And also my husband might one day actually read my blog (at the moment he claims it crashes his laptop any time he tries to open it...) and then he might get a bit confused as to who this Rob guy I'm hanging out with is.  Anyway, hands.  Not faces.

With the ridiculously cold winter South Korea is having, we have gone a little roast crazy.  We often do a roast beef with all the trimmings, and have got the meal to a near state of perfection.  In fact, it's been rated a three Michelin star meal*.   But we thought with a new year we'd try a new meat, so last weekend we did our first proper roast lamb.  With yorkshire puddings (cooked in bacon lard!), peas, cabbage and bacon (the perfect combination!), gravy and mint jelly (I am still not 100% convinced on the mint jelly, but the husband won't let us eat lamb without it).  Delicious.  And the best bit is there's been lots of tasty lamb leftovers all the past week!

Here's the husband's hands at work preparing the lamb with salt, pepper, oil, garlic and rosemary:

Lamb leftovers with lots of seeded mustard, a greek salad and crusty bread - a perfect meal for one. We also had crusty rolls, warmed in the oven, with roast lamb, rocket and mint jelly but they got eaten before I had a chance to take a photo...

*As far as we know the meal has not actually been officially rated by a Michelin guide inspector.  It has been rated by my husband who thinks he should be a Michelin guide inspector. 


  1. so I am not big on roasts(they make my oven dirty), but this one looks pretty good!

  2. ohhh i hope its cold enough for some tasty roast action when i visit!! delicious

  3. mmm yummo looks delicious I like Rob's approach to cooking


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