03 January 2011

The View From Here x Death by Doxie

Today I am once again playing along with Gogovivi.  The View From Here challenge this week is to share your last shot of 2010.  This photo of Elfi was taken at 11:58:55 on New Years Eve, so it is well and truly my last shot of 2010!

The husband was no doubt yelling at me to put the camera away as the count down was just about to start (we had a night in with roast chicken, martinis, Star Wars, Pictionary and lots of K-pop on the local TV).  But Elfi had made herself a nest in the pile of down jackets that had been thrown on the couch (from our brief sojourns out to the snowy balcony to see if anything was happening in the streets below). And she looked even cuter than normal (if that's possible).  Plus I had my new toy to play with (husband came through with a Canon 550D for xmas!).  So I had to take some photos...

And here are my first three shots of 2011:


  1. i love the last shot best of all. she looks so cozy and restful. happy 2011 emily! thanks for keeping up the doxie doses

  2. You are so very welcome - it has well and truly been my pleasure! And thank you for sharing the love with Elfi, she appreciates it very much!

  3. Aww ... what a cute puppy! :)

    Lucky you with a new camera - that's a great gift. I'm currently saving up for a digital SLR for myself ... I can't wait to buy one! :)

  4. Hi Emily! Sorry i am so late checking in, I have been having Chinese Internet issues this week! But thanks for playing along with The View from Here, I love that you're joining us from Korea (did you knew I used to live in Busan?) Love your snuggly friend, what a great last shot of 2010.


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