10 January 2016

Five ASOS Prom Dresses I Want But Definitely Don't Need

No matter how I twist and turn it I really don't need more dresses in my wardrobe. And I really, really don't need a prom dress in my wardrobe. Nope, not at all. Sure, these days I sort of go to a few more slightly fancy work-related dinners, but none are quite giant-bow, pouffy-skirt level fancy. 

Which is a pity, because just look at how pretty these frocks are...

Okay, so I did buy one. Oops. It was on sale, I couldn't resist... Can you guess which one I bought and why?

ps. Not sponsored, I just really love ASOS! Such cute frocks at nice prices. And for those of you who like to shop ethical ASOS here's some information on their green and ethical standards, it's from 2012 though - if you have more up-to-date info let me know.

02 January 2016

Death by Doxie : The Festive Edition

I haven't really missed blogging at all, these past crazy few months. I've drafted a few posts in my head but I haven't felt that overwhelming urge to carve out the time for writing and image making. Until yesterday. For some reason the new year has bought with it an overwhelming urge to awaken Good Things*. And whilst I'd like the clear air to write about what's changed and what hasn't, and what I miss and what I don't, and what a day in the life of a Macca's supervisor / owner / fry girl is really like, I've realised that if I want to blog it needs to be short and sweet, for now. So here's the dogs, on xmas day. 

We had a really lovely xmas day. I popped into the store in the morning, planning on just saying 'hi' and handing out some festive goodies, but oh my goodness was it busy. I kind of forgot that everyone is in their cars xmas morning, driving to Aunt Mabel's, and that everyone still needs coffee (actually everyone especially needs coffee), and we are basically the only thing open. So yeah, it was busy. 

I love it when it's really busy, when everyone just knuckles down and works together to get through the mad rush. It's kind of zen too, because you really can't think of anything other than the task immediately at hand. You have to be completely in the moment, completely focussed, to get all those coffees out that drive thru window.

While I was caffeinating the good people of western Sydney, at home the husband and step sons were tending to a giant turkey, which we had for lunch with pickled cherries and gravy and mash. For afters there was cheese and pav (of course there was pav). There was seven of us for lunch and it was relaxed and lovely, and later two more came over for roast turkey rolls with cranberry, rocket and brie (so yum). And then it was just the husband and I and the calm that comes after all that festive build up. 

The dogs got turkey too of course, for many days afterwards actually (it really was a big bird!). I've said before it's really not xmas unless your hounds are dressed up. This year there was no santa outfits or reindeer antlers (they never stay on for more than a minute anyway), but Ferdi wore a red polkadot bowtie and Elfi had a matching rosette. Very cute, both of them. 

Here they are watching the oldest step-son strip the bird, hoping with all their little hearts that a scrap or two might fall their way.
Hope you all had a lovely day too, and that you survived new year's eve, and that 2016 is treating you well so far. x