30 November 2012

Death by Doxie : The Nose Hang

One of the joys of being a dachshund owner is witnessing the natural phenomenon known as the doxie nose hang (and when I say 'known as' I mean I call it that). They have rather a long nose (it matches their long body) and sometimes they use their nose as a prop for their head - hanging it over the edge of a cushion, squishing their nostrils on the ground, and promptly falling asleep. It always looks a little uncomfortable to me, but the hounds seem to like it (Ferdi is a practitioner of the floating nose hang, off the couch into free air).

28 November 2012

Things to love about Korea #5 : Knits

Oh the knits, the knits! Dear lord the knits! (I know parents of school age kids are probably reading that as 'oh the nits' and imaging a voice of horror / exasperation but I really do mean the knits with a k, and the voice should be one of swooning excitement.) 

As the weather cools in Seoul the knits come out to play. Pastel knits, kitschy knits, chunky knits and marled knits. All the textures, patterns and colours you could possibly imagine, need or want. All made in Korea (which means they are of pretty decent quality), and all very reasonably priced (think AU $10 to $50). 

At this time of year it's basically impossible for me to leave the house without coming home with something new and knitted (you can see a small sample of my ever expanding collection in the last photo). Korean knits - I do love you!

26 November 2012

Photo gift tags + Polkadot notebooks : New in the shop!

I've been beavering away in the paper workshop (aka my dining room table) and as a result have two new products in the Etsy shop which I'm rather pleased with. Above is the new photo gift tags - my photos, blown up and turned into fun / abstract / pretty present toppers. Below is the new hand stamped polkadot notebooks. What do you think?

24 November 2012

All wrapped up...

Told you I wouldn't forget the traditionalists! Here's a little red and green wrapping inspiration for you (well, a little green and a lotta red really). Number two is made from cupcake liners - so clever! 

21 November 2012

Seoul Walking : Autumn Gold

Have I mentioned Autumn is my favourite season in Seoul? Oh, I have? Once or twice you say? Well, it is. And one of the best bits is the golden glow of the gingko trees that line so many streets. The leaves look especially stunning against the glorious blue Autumn sky. And when the wind blows so many leaves fall through the air it's like you're walking through a golden shower shower of gold. And after a windy day the city is carpeted in yellow (slippery as heck but so very pretty!).

19 November 2012

All wrapped up...

How do you feel about an injection of brights into your festive cheer? And how seriously great is that fringe gift wrap? (If you're more of a traditionalist never fear, I'll have some wrapping inspiration for you very soon!)

17 November 2012

Collecting Colour : November is Forest Green

Hmmm, November is forest green. Hardly rolls off the tongue does it? But I picked it because it's probably the only time of year that I do actually embrace forest green (pine trees! xmas ribbon! baubles! etcetera!) in any way. 

You see, outside of the odd splash in traditional xmas decor, forest green and I aren't friends. It seems kind of bland, kind of old fashioned (in a not good way), and - I'm pretty sure this is the biggest issue - it brings back memories of all kinds of monstrous school uniforms. Shudder. Are you a fan? Am I wrong? Do I need to get over this forest green related childhood trauma? 

Regardless, the collection was okay in the end. Rather small and not quite on colour, but okay (I especially like the actual forest green in there, and it smelt good too). In the collection are some lego army men (from Toy Story); a bobble head dachshund from the lovely ladies at made590; some wooden balls from a vintage molecular model (this one); a Korean zip bag which isn't really forest green but is very pretty, so...; a tiny tea cup, some books and some hair clips/ties.

* * * * * * *

Every month through 2012 I'll be 'collecting colour', and you can join in too!  Link up below, and/or add your photo to the Flickr group here.  And go here to get all the information you need.  

16 November 2012

Death by Doxie : Dogs on a Rug*

There's a rather large sheep skin rug in the step sons room which the dogs adore. The door is normally closed, but the room doubles as my photography studio (white desk, white-ish walls, lots of indirect natural light in the mornings) so when I'm in there shooting away the dogs spend their time rolling about on the rug. This particular morning they were having an absolute ball of a time, I almost felt like I was intruding a little, taking these shots. Can you spot: Elfi looking like a tart ('come hither, and bring me treats'); a grooming session; a fat belly and a lions tail? 

*I was this close to calling this post '50 Shades of Dachshund' but in the end I realised the world absolutely does not need another 50 Shades pun...

14 November 2012

All wrapped up...

Here's another simple gift wrap for you - again, plain kraft paper plus lots of paper punches! I used several thin ribbons in different colours for the finishing touch, I kind of like that effect.

12 November 2012

Attention all discerning shoppers! I have exciting news! I'm having a massive (and I mean massive!) wardrobe clean out, which means you get a chance to buy some awesome stuff at some awesome prices! And feel good about it all because you're not adding to land fill! Hurrah! 

There are designer finds, stuff from the local markets, Uniqlo gems. There are belts, heels, frocks, knits and even the odd item for your loyal hound. There are things I've never worn (like this dress and these shoes), and treasured items I've barely worn but have hung on to forever because I love them so very much (like these stunners). And this is only the beginning people, I'll be listing new stuff constantly over the next few months! I'll be doing monthly updates of what's new on here, but you might want to bookmark the shop so you can check back when you want.

A few things to know: I'm keeping shipping costs low - a flat rate of US $20 no matter how much you buy, and this is tracked shipping too! And because I'm listing so many items I am not including measurements, but if you want more information about fit, sizing or condition just shoot me an email (jorpins_blog [at] yahoo.com.au) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

10 November 2012

Watching Whales

So I just got back from a whirlwind trip of awesome - I had 24 hours in Hong Kong where I met the ridiculously lovely Cat from Raspberry Rainbow. Then I had 24 hours in Melbourne to hang out with the family, celebrate the launch of Find and Keep, and read the nephews a bed time story (or two!). 

And then I headed to Port Stephens in NSW to watch some freaking whales! We were out on the boat for three hours, it was rough (according to me and the seasick eldest step son anyhow...) and it was awesome. We went with Imagine Cruises and they were so great. Because they've been doing it for so long all the sea critters seem to know the boat, so for a big chunk of the trip we had pods of dolphins following the boat, leaping and playing all around us. And then once we spied some humpbacks (two adults and a calf) they cut the motor and the enormous creatures came to check us out. It was so great. Really, really great. (Apologies to my fellow boat people, I may have shrieked in excitement a few times...). And it's only a few hours north of Sydney. The season is pretty much over this year, but I would so highly recommend going out next year. I have a feeling we'll be doing it again, maybe I'll see you there?

09 November 2012

All wrapped up...

A little pom pommy inspiration for your xmas gift wrap! Which one's your favourite?