28 February 2011

Etsy Spotlight: Pearson-Maron

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pearson-Maron!  Pearson-Maron represents the work of ceramicist and mixed media artist Adam, and painter and sculptor Quincy.  Their shop features starkly beautiful miniatures (my favourites), loch ness fridge magnets, big foot pins and oh so much more.  Go have a look!

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26 February 2011

Good things...

Oh my!  So many good things that I'm stumbling across at the moment, I don't quite know where to begin!

First up, UPPERCASE.  I found UPPERCASE a little while ago, as I wanted to get my hands on some of the books they publish (starting with The Suitcase Series, so wonderful!) but I only just realised they had a magazine (doh!).  So I'm now a proud subscriber and the first issue I received (issue 8) could not have been more perfect.  

Yes, the paper stock, the fonts, the colours, the images, the words are all beautiful, but what made this very special is that the issue is all about 'surprising plays of scale' - big things made little, little things made big.  This is heaven for me in no uncertain terms.  Plus there's some lovely letterpress features thrown in to.  Go get it, I say!

Inside the lovely UPPERCASE, there was an article about the art of making miniatures, and putting them together to create the most amazing doll houses.  The article led me to this Flickr group.  But before you click, I warn you, be prepared to waste a fine hour or so marveling at mid-century modern writ tiny!  [photo by More2view]

Next, the BBC series Sherlock.  Now, if someone had of told me I'd enjoy a modern take on Sherlock I would have quite likely said 'bullocks!'.  But...we watched the DVD recently and it was witty and fun and quite darkly beautiful to look at.  It's a bit sad they only made three episodes, I hope there is more soon?  Have you seen it?  Did you like it?

Lastly, some new blogs I've developed minor crushes on.  There's so much to love about artist Kerry's blog seventy tree, and I am a little bit in love with her Big Drop prints.  Also, Katie over at Curating Cuteness does exactly that, I think.  Go have a look!

25 February 2011

Death by Doxie

Ferdi is a hound who very much knows how to relax (unlike Elfi who is, well, a tad neurotic).  I often wish I had Ferdi's ability to just flop down on the couch and be so calm and so at ease.

24 February 2011

My Creative Space

Playing along with kootoyoo today...

I've been wanting to finish this winter's day inspired embroidery for ever, so I've pulled it out of storage and I'm keeping it on my desk where I can see it and where I can sew a few stitches whenever I'm waiting for a web site to upload, or a program to update, or an email to be answered.

I'm lucky that my office/crafting area/library/step-sons game room gets the afternoon sun.  It's the nicest way to wind down the day - I find embroidery quite calming, and it's especially so with the warm sun streaming in.

What are you working on, right now?

ps. That awesome 'english breakfast' tea bag pin cushion is by the very talented littleclouds.  You can get one here, if you want.

23 February 2011

Spring has sprung!

Last Sunday it was a beautiful, sunny 12 degrees celsius.  For the first time in forever the husband and I spent our Sunday afternoon sitting on the balcony, reading, sipping white wine and complaining about being too hot.  It's amazing how quickly the weather can turn - a week ago sitting on the balcony meant risking frostbite (hence why a mere 12 degrees feels like a warm Summer's day to us now!).

To celebrate the spring-ing of Spring I went to the flower market in Namdaemun and got some delicious smelling things (I have no idea what type of bloom they are, I can identify a daisy and a rose and that's about it...so if you know please tell me!).  I also picked up a gorgeous succulent for the Hornsea bowl that I was unable to resist buying a few weeks ago (Hornsea is my new love, I feel the irresistible pull of another collection brewing...)

22 February 2011

Things to love about Korea #1: Choco pie

I sincerely believe that, assuming your health, finances and relationships are not in dire straights, part of being happy and not falling in to a black pit of cynicism and despair at the madness of the world, the general futility of existence and the sky rocketing price of milk is to take time to appreciate the little things.  And there are lots of little things to love in the world (like miniature dachshunds, for starters).

And although people and places are (in the end) more similar than they are different, each place does have it's own little things to love.  And seeing as I'm living in Korea, I thought I might tell you about some of Korea's little things that I love, beginning with the delicious choco mallow 'pie' (it's actually more of a biscuit, but seems to get called a pie).

I've only recently discovered the choco mallow pie, and I'm so glad I did!  It's kind of a national snack food (Wikipedia says it's to Koreans what Oreos are to Americans), and it's kind of bland but in a good way - soft biscuity goodness, sweet (but not too sweet) marshmallow, all coated in a thin layer of chocolate.  It's kind of like a fattened up version of a Wagon Wheel, but without the jam (though I think you can get them with jam too, maybe).  The perfect afternoon pick me up!  Such a pity I had to eat one in order to take these photos...

21 February 2011

Etsy Spotlight: Knme

A scarf is a scarf is a scarf right? Well, not when you have a Knme scarf!  The ingenious interlocking design holds the scarf neatly in place, keeping your neck warm and hands free.  Plus, they aren't too bulky.  And they look super cute don't you think?  I have one in this rather delightful rusty orange colour, but I've been eyeing off a grey one lately...

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19 February 2011

Collections: Magnets

The lovely Magdalena over at The Craft Revival is asking us to show off our collections.  I can completely relate to Magdalena's love of collections, so I am playing along!  

Looking at all my bits and pieces, it seems that I have quite a few collections - some intentional (owls, teapots, shoes), and some almost accidental (postcards, butter dishes, foreign language craft books).  I'm going to share them with you, gradually, and I'm kicking off with the ubiquitous fridge magnet.

It all started when I went to Perth on a work trip, many many moons ago, and I stumbled across this gorgeously retro magnet.  And then I went to Europe for the first time and magnets seemed the perfect souvenir - they're portable, relatively cheap and they come in a fabulous array of styles, from chic to garish and back again.

My favourite kind of magnets are these mini-plate ones, which are sadly increasingly difficult to find.

I've imposed some rules on my magnet collecting: I can't buy a magnet for a sight or attraction I haven't physically been to (unless there's no other choice), and I can't buy a magnet for a place when all I've done is hang out in the airport for a few hours (unless it's an airport magnet, of course!).  I can't buy a magnet when I live in a place, but if I go back as a tourist I can.  I can't buy more than one magnet from any one place, unless they are really irresistible.  But even with these rules I've managed to accumulate close to 100 magnets.  Yikes.

18 February 2011

Death by Doxie

When I got back from Hong Kong last week I did what I normally do and dumped the contents of my suitcase on our bed so I could gradually pick away at the pile, whilst listening to the radio and getting distracted by a thousands other things.  The lovely Elfi decided to 'help' me unpack.  Thanks Elfi...

16 February 2011


Ahoy there!  How are you going?  How is your 2011 / Year of the Rabbit kicking off?  Mine is doing great.  Well, it's doing okay.  Actually, to be honest, although there has been some sweet spots, so far it's been a little frustrating, a little trying to swim to the surface and not quite getting there. There's been lots of unfinished to do lists, lots of interruptions, lots of things breaking down and people getting sick.  And it feels like tomorrow, things are going to get less crazy, if only I can just figure out how to get to tomorrow.

I feel a bit like I'm chasing after a giant bowl of ice cream (preferably Hoboken Crunch), which is being towed by a team of giant sleigh bunnies (bear with me).  And I can get close enough to taste a little melted drop of that caramel crunch goodness, and then the bunnies get a burst of energy, or I trip over...

Do you ever feel that way?  I'm thinking maybe not, but it's my metaphor and I'm sticking with it (though I am starting to think I shouldn't blog so much about the things that pop in to my head while I'm lying awake at 4am).

If you're an illustrator and you'd like to draw a giant bowl of ice cream pulled by a team of giant bunnies, please do.  I think it might make many people very happy.

Photo up there is of Rocky the rabbit, from here.  For more, have a look here.  But looking may compel you to run out and by a bunny.  I know I want to.

15 February 2011

Etsy Spotlight: Jane Foster

Inspired by Scandinavian design and vintage fabric, Jane Foster's work is so very much right up my alley!  Check out her gorgeous Etsy shop for cushions, totes, softies and prints featuring a mix of fabulous retro / retro inspired fabric and Jane's own crisp designs.

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13 February 2011

Going bonkers in Honkers...

Last Sunday it was my birthday and it was a kind of non-event.  The husband was neck deep in work and due to the lunar new year the post was delayed so no packages to open... But I did get a ton of birthday emails and messages, and my lovely family Skyped me and they all sang Happy Birthday, and I made myself a delicious birthday dinner and got to do some crafting (and watched Catfish - oh my!) so it was a pretty good day all in all.

Then, as a birthday treat to myself I escaped to Hong Kong for two nights!  I may have mentioned this before but I seriously adore Hong Kong.  It was sunny and warm and the sky was blue and the air almost clear (a rare occurrence).  I got my hair cut for the first time in months and months (what a difference!) and had my nails painted a very bright hue and I looked at lots of pretty things.  It was a lovely indulgence, I am a very lucky lady.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the trip (you'll find more on my Flickr, soon) - I especially love the one below of a gorgeous kid walking by some transparent lunar new year decorations.  Kind of looks like she has a shiny pink aura bursting from her, don't you think?

10 February 2011

A Korean new year road trip!

Last week we set off on our first Korean road trip!  We emerged unscathed, we didn't get lost (thank goodness for GPS), we didn't encounter too much new year traffic (leaving Seoul two days before everyone else and arriving back two days before everyone else proved a very wise move) and we saw some beautifully breathtaking sights.

Actually, I should say we almost emerged unscathed and we almost didn't get lost...there was one incident involving a side road which led to a dead end in a tiny village with tiny roads, with a very worried Korean lady who though we might reverse into her house, and some very tricky manouvering (which resulted in some rather large dents in the car)...

Anyway, we went to Daegu and Namhae and Sangjogam Park and Daedunsan and Daejon.  There were bright lights and big cities, dinosaurs (not real) and dinosaur footprints (real), mountain peaks and swaying bridges.  And new year festivities to see - children in traditional costume, kite flying, family gatherings, grave tending, and the busiest, most surprisingly festive road side service centers.  Korea really is a wonderfully beautiful country, even cloaked in the greys and browns of winter.  What a privilege to have a new country to explore!

05 February 2011

Death by Doxie

Just Elfi, looking adorable.  That is all.

03 February 2011

Happy New Year (again)!

Right now we are in the midst of perhaps the years biggest holiday in Asia - the Lunar New Year. So, happy new year, once again!  If your new year's resolutions fell down in January, now's your chance to start afresh, again!  And if you are celebrating the new year, I wish you a happy, healthy, shiny Year of the Rabbit!

Right now we should also be well in to our Korean road trip, and hopefully we are having a wonderful time.  Hopefully we aren't stuck in the years biggest traffic jam (everyone heads back to their home town to celebrate the new year...)

These gorgeous little daffodils are a new year gift from our gardeners, who are the sweetest ladies (and very talented to boot!).  I adore these bight sunny flowers, they make me realise that this bitter winter is going to end at some point.  Oh yes it is!