15 June 2011

Three dresses I love right now...

[Image by dhammza / off]

When I was a kid I was a bit of a tom boy.  And by 'a bit' I mean 'a lot'.  To the point where I can clearly remember being mistaken for an actual boy at several points growing up.  Dresses, make up and hair styles were a foreign language to me.  And to some extent they still largely are.

I definitely still don't get hair (can pulling it in to a ponytail every single day count as a 'style'?), and my excursions into the land of makeup tend to be limited to a subtle blush and a not-so-subtle layer or three of mascara.  But I do most definitely get dresses now.  Some might even say I'm frock obsessed.  I love how a good dress can make you feel feminine and fashionable and flirty, even on days where you start out feeling blergh.  I love how a dress is basically a complete outfit, no thinking about what goes with what.  And I love how a dress can work with you at any age, at any weight.

Here are three beauties that are tempting me at the moment:
There's a reason that Lana Stepul is featured on the Etsy front page every second day, and that's because her stuff is gorgeous!  This is her open back dress and I heart it a lot.  The fabric, the colours, the nod to the 50s.  Sigh.

This maxi dress from M Missoni has me weeping softly, just a little bit.  I am very, very far from a fashionista but there are a couple of labels that I consistently covet and that I try to 'invest' in.  I have a dream that by the time I'm 60 my wardrobe will be wall to wall M Missoni, DVF and Kate Spade (I am going to be the best dressed step-grandma ever!).  It would be nice to add this to the collection. Sigh.

After an initial wariness, I've become quite a fan of ModCloth. I like that I can find dresses on there that hit my knees (I've realised I can't quite pull of the mini-dress any more), and that also fit perfectly around my enormous ribs (yes, I said ribs.  I have a very big rib cage, comes from my father's side of the family. *cough*).  Plus they deliver within a week and aren't prohibitively expensive.  This gorgeously bright little number is one of the samples from a co-lab they might do with a designer called Eva Franco. I do hope they go ahead with it.  Sigh.

Long live the frock!


  1. ooohh i hope to se you rockin' the top one come australian summer! so sweet with the bow at the back.

    ps you being a tomboy when we were growing up was completely awesome!

  2. I was a tomboy growing up as well, I blame George from the Famous Fve for this now! Love the Etsy dress, it is seriously cute. I agree investing in the classics is worth it. I would rather have only a few things that are really good quality than a whole bunch of so so stuff.

  3. Loving your choices the last one is my fav!! :)

  4. Love your frock choices. ModCloth is such a find!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was a tomboy as well - now I wear dresses every day!! :) Modcloth is great - and I love this pink/orange one! Thanks for sharing!


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