13 June 2011

Singapore has the best zoos

Singapore has the best zoos.  I can't say they have the best zoos in the world, because clearly I haven't been to all the zoos in the world and I might get done by the blogging equivalent of the ACCC, but they do have the best zoos I have ever seen (and I've seen a few).  

They have the best zoos because the enclosures are open and free ranging, because animal welfare is clearly the highest priority, and because they are obviously as obsessed with mouse deer as I am.  And because they have a night zoo, which means you get to see nocturnal critters out and about, rather than just sleeping.  We saw a fishing cat actually fishing!  And a flying squirrel actually flying gliding!

Also, what other zoo has an aviary-style enclosure complete with lemurs, sloth, bats and mouse deer just casually strolling about?  We were lucky enough to be in this enclosure at feeding time. When the chow came out it was on for young and old, lemur versus lemur, lemur versus sloth (a rather unevenly matched affair when it comes to speed...)

And yes, that is a baby sloth!  We were inches away from a baby sloth people!  Have a look at it's alien like arms - creepy and cute, no?

Also, mouse deer.  That is all.

ps. Towards the end of our zoo adventure there were some complaints from the group about the inordinate number of mouse deer enclosures, to which I of course replied 'when you tire of mouse deer you tire of life'.


  1. MOUSE DEER? Am I wrong in suggesting that yes, while bizarrely cute, they are also kind of creepy?? How on earth are those spindly little legs holding up that big girth anyway? Kellie xx

  2. Aww, I so want to go to that zoo!

  3. Not a mouse, but a deer! :D

    I'm glad you liked the Singapore Zoo. I majored in Animal Biology, thinking what a cool job it would have been to be a zookeeper :D
    (That didn't work out though, ha.)

  4. Oh wow, what an amazing place ...
    Um ... MOUSE DEER????? OH MY!! How have I never encountered such a creature before?!? Must. See. Now.

    I think your last statement is so true ... how could anyone tire of such a beautiful, fascinating creature?!?!

  5. My how amazing. I had always planned to take a trip to Singapore zoo, but never got there.

  6. There are not enough mouse deer in the world! I want mouse deer to live in my backyard.
    Singapore zoo looks so wonderful - maybe one day I'll find my way there (only to stare at mouse deer all day).

  7. I too love walking through zoos and I'm happy to read that this one has a passion for the happiness & well-being of their animals. It's always sad to see small and unstimulating exhibits. I am new to the mouse deer but I now think I love them a little bit.

  8. Mouse deer? Wow, never heard of those. Sounds like one kick a** zoo! I just may have to share this post.....

  9. best animal post ever! :)))))) That mouse deer looks photoshopped. oddness.. and also I love sloths. and lemurs!
    the cuteness is rampant!


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