30 June 2011

Creative Collective June Project: Snail Mail Swap

This month I joined in on another Creative Collective project.  It was involved something that is very close to my heart - snail mail!  And it also involved another subject close to my heart - swaps!  An irresistible combination.  So I just had to take part in the Snail Mail Swap, which involved sending a package of goodies to three partners (though one of my poor partners is based in Canada, and due to the strike the posties in Korea still aren't accepting post bound for maple leaf country.  I really hope they let me post it today, because we fly out on our great European adventure on Friday. Speaking of which, I could be wrong but I get the feeling the Greeks somehow get their hands on our travel itinerary each year and plan street riots to celebrate our arrival...we won't be getting off the boat in that port, I don't think!  Also, is itinerary the most awkward word to spell ever?  I think so.)

Right, where was I?  Papery maily goodness, that's where.  Here's some pics of the package I put together - I wanted them to have a bit of Asia in them, to reflect both Hong Kong and Korea.  And they also combine some of my current obsessions (like label makers, bright stamps, paper embroidery and of course dot stickers!). I do hope my swap partners like them!

ps. If you'd like to do a mail swap I am always keen (but not for two weeks or so, because for the next two weeks I'll be lazing about in my swimmers, sipping martinis and thinking about the four course Italian feast I'm about to inhale visiting important archaeological sites in Turkey and pondering the central role Venice played in the history of that part of the world.  But once I'm back - swap-dee-do indeed!  I'm happy to tailor to your tastes too...you can email me at jorpins_blog@yahoo.com.au if you're interested.

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  1. This is super fun! I love your little packages-- so colorful and lots of fun stuff!


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