17 June 2011

Death by Doxie: The 'That's Not Right' Edition

Oh hello there fellow pet owners.  I'm curious...hands up if your pet does something that you're pretty sure an outsider would look at and think 'now that's not quite right' but that you just let slide? A bad habit, something that's possibly a little bit gross?  Something like eating off the table, licking your feet, hanging out in the kitchen sink, peeing in the shower or being generous with slobbery kisses?  Be honest now...My guess is that most pet owners (Cesar Millan excluded) let their furry friends get away with all kinds of borderline wrong behaviours, yes?

Ok, so clearly that first paragraph is just a way to make myself feel better about the fact that I am the worst dog trainer ever and that, if left unattended, Elfi gets inside the dishwasher.  And hunts for food scraps.  And would stay there for hours if we let her.  Yikes.  

ps. Do you like the way Ferdi just looks on with a mixture of innocence, admiration and hope that a crumb will come his way?


  1. Heehee, that's so cute!! Daisy and Zelda both pee in the bath regularly, but it really doesn't bother us because it's so easy to clean! If they peed on the floor it might be a bother, but in the shower? Pee away my kitties!

  2. Zoe - as a fellow pet owner that makes perfect sense to me, but I reckon there'd be some non-pet-owning people going 'ewww'!

  3. Looking at Ferdi I'm thinking he's saying "Can you believe that putz!?! At least I wait until no-ones watching before I jump in there - hrmph."

  4. That is one cute dish cleaner!!
    I often "let" Gracie sit at the table - meaning, she sits on a chair whilst I eat a meal. I figure she just likes to be a part of the action. She's a social pup; as well as ever-hopeful a morsel of food will land in her general direction.
    To be honest, life would be too boring if our pets were perfectly behaved little minions. I draw the line, though, at serving Gracie dinner at the table! ;P

  5. Priceless! My girlfriend's beagle, who is VERY naughty, does exactly the same thing! When I say naughty, I mean opening fridge door and stealing roasts off island benches type of naughtiness! x

  6. There is no shame in Elfi's game:)

    And yes, I have an interesting story regarding my youngest, House. Look for a future post on my blog. Quite funny.

  7. Cheeky little ones.

    We disgraced ourselves upon being invited to stay at a country house with a large group of people many that we did not know. Upon arriving the labrador leaped out of the car and ran around to the front verandah. Before we knew it there was a very disgruntled person who could have otherwise been a new found friend screech because Dan the dog had scoffed the whole cheese platter from the side table.

    oops. bit hard to redeem ourselves for the rest of the weekend. Especially when the nearest store was 50 km away.

  8. Emma - opening a fridge door?! Now that's impressive! I had heard beagles were smart!

    Eightymillion - looking forward to reading your tale on your blog x

    deux chiens et un garcon - ha! too funny!

  9. omg... she is over the top adorable!! & I especially love the photo of her trying to get underneath the tray.
    & btw... I love your iittala Teema plates & pasta bowls.

  10. Lol, my Rough Collie tries to do the same as does our Corgi but she's too fat.

  11. Bwahahahaha! SO funny and cute!!!! Elfi is hilarious. And Ferdi pretends he's not wishing it was him in the dishwasher, hehehe.
    My old dog, Ladybug, used to hide Cheezels under the couch cushions... for later... A lovely surprise if you were searching for the remote o_0


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