10 June 2011


[Super cute card by staceywinters]

Hello!  How are you?  How has your week been?  I do hope it has been happy and good, or maybe a bit interesting, at least?

It's been a bit quiet here of late.  We spent last weekend in hot and steamy Singapore with the step-sons, which was fabulous (more on that soon), and then we took the chance on the way home to spend a few days in Hong Kong.  The husband had to go back to Seoul work mid-week, so I've been here on my own for the last few days.

You see the plan was to blog then...but I kind of got lost in a haze of blue skies and beautiful vistas and bright manicures, and my brain turned to that wonderful holiday kind of mush where you stop thinking quite so much (in the nicest possible way).  So instead of writing posts I've been wandering about Hong Kong harbour and eating too much and admiring clouds and such...

But now I'm in the airport lounge, homeward bound.  I'm looking forward to hopefully continuing the holiday vibe over the weekend, but also hopefully mustering the brain power to put together some pretty posts - hurrah!

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  1. Oh yes ... do your best to hold onto that holiday vibe as long as you can! :)
    After all blogging is always here, and getting lost in a haze of 'blue skies and beautiful vistas' sounds pretty wonderful to me ...



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