29 June 2011

Three bicycle accessories I love right now...

So first up, let me get the obvious issue out of the way - I do not currently own a bike.  But, despite the overwhelming deluge of advice suggesting that riding a bicycle in Seoul is a short cut to serious bodily injury and quite possibly death, I really really want to get one!  Preferably one of those simple yet stunning numbers from Japan, in a delightful aqua hue.  And when I do get my bike, here are some things I'd like to help make it look extra special...

To carry all my essentials in style, I'm liking this handlebar bag by Death and Texas on Etsy. Plus, their shop name is a pun.  Brilliant!

If this isn't reason enough to risk life and limb on the roads of Seoul then I'm not sure what is. Crochet dress guards for your bike, by Simeli (found via / available from Lark).

[Amazing doxie goodness from my most favourite pet photographer ever - Serenah Photography]

Lately my Instagram obsession has pretty much reached mammoth proportions, especially since I realised you can search everyone's photos for say '#dachshund' and you instantly get pages and pages of heart melting cuteness to look at.  Especially Japanese heart melting cuteness - they love their doxies and they especially seem to love taking them for bike rides.  So a wicker basket complete with lining and roll cage is a must - something like this, or this, perhaps?


  1. Crocheted dress guards - who knew we needed them! But we do!!

    A wicker basket for the bike is always on my list. x

  2. I'm soon buying a new bike as well-- just searching for the perfect one! I would love a wicker basket for the handlebars, but don't think I could carry my dog around. Somehow I don't think it'd work out with a 75 pound chocolate lab. :) Super fun post!

  3. I'd love to own a bike - and these would be the perfect accessories!

  4. I've been thinking about bikes a lot lately too and that crochet dress guard totally cements the fact I do indeed need one! We're leaving Sydney soon, so hopefully once we are out of the city I will feel a bit safer (and less scared) and be able to get biking!

    Katie x


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