01 June 2011

Spring in the Garden: Irises

When we first moved in to this apartment, a bit over a year ago at the tail end of last winter, there was a row of bulbs planted in the garden.  Spring game and they grew lush and green, and we waited for them to flower.  We waited, and we waited.  And then Summer came and then Autumn and they gradually turned brown and shriveled up, leaving me pondering what on earth they were - decorative grasses perhaps?  But this Spring we've discovered they are magnificent irises which have suddenly bloomed like crazy, allowing us to rejoice in all their purpley blue glory!  

ps. Isn't 'irises' the most awkward plural you can think of?  I think perhaps 'iris' should be like 'sheep' - both singular and plural - don't you?

pps. Happy June 1st!  Isn't this year just screaming past at an alarming rate?  Yikes...


  1. Oh wow, those blooms are beautiful indeed ... and I love the colour.
    I totally agree with you on this year rushing by at a scarily fast rate ... do you think it will slow down any time soon? Here's hoping! :)

  2. Winter here in Australia so you have just sent me some warmth with the wonderful colours of the Iris thanks :)


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