22 June 2011

Calling all guest bloggers!

Calling all bloggers or would-be bloggers!  I'm heading off for a vacation very soon (two weeks from 1 July - yay!) and I thought I'd invite you all to submit a little something to be posted on Good Things* while I'm away.

I'm looking for posts that fit with the general vibe of the blog - so anything on craft, handmade, pets (especially dachshunds!), animals, food, travel, vintage, photography, art (especially paper art), pretty things, etc, would be perfect (gosh, I talk about a lot of stuff here don't I?).  I'm looking for good photos, inspiring images, and not too much text!  It might be a simple how-to, a recipe, an introduction to you or your pet or a special corner of your world, a sneak peak at a current project, or maybe just some things that inspire you...

Unfortunately this is all a bit last minute (not like me to be disorganised, ha!) so I'd need your post to me by this coming Sunday (26 June) so I can format and schedule your post before I head off.

I know there are so many amazingly talented and interesting bloggers and readers of blogs out there, maybe you'd like to take the opportunity to share something here?  If you are interested, please get in touch : jorpins_blog@yahoo.com.au

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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