06 June 2011

Thrifty craft!

Whenever I go back home to see the folks I always make sure I set aside some time to visit the op-shop that's just around the corner from their house.  It's big and is constantly getting new stock, and whilst it can be tricky to find a real bargain there anymore (do all the op-shops employ expert pricers these days?), I always find something fun in their book section.  I'm a sucker for vintage penguins, kid's books and yes - old crafty things!  

On my last visit I picked up these three beauties:

Everything about this little book is great!  From the title (string things!), to those graphic diagrams, to the gorgeous examples of completed work.  I especially love the line drawings, I think they could be transferred to a whole bunch of things aside from 'string' art (embroidery anyone?).

My name is Emily and I am a font junkie...I'm not sure yet what use I'll get out of this fabulous font how-to but I couldn't possibly have left it lying on the shelf now, could I?

And how about this for a box of fun?  So many needlessly bright things to play with!  My friend got me a Knitting Nancy a while ago and I've quite enjoyed playing with that, so I'm looking forward to finding the time to figure out how all these plastic bits and pieces work.  Also, I kind of think no craft stash is complete without a fluorescent orange weaving aid...


  1. Oh my, I LOVE FONTS! I'm always buying acrylic alphabet stamps in different variations. I actually have to make a list to take to the store so I don't buy the same one twice. Have you ever used Picnik? They have an awesome font collection:)

  2. I'm a font junkie too. I still have The Lettering Book from my school days. Brings back memories!

  3. Oh yes - The Lettering Book! We had that as kids too!


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