31 May 2011

Creative Collective May Project: In The Hoop Part 2!

Sneaking in one last In the Hoop project for the last day of May!

I got my hands on some teeny tiny 3" hoops a while ago (they are adorably small), and I had a couple of old check shirts lying about (I loved the fabric too much to throw the out).  Put the two together, add a cross stitch heart and voila, here we are!  I can't wait to work on a few more, maybe some in pink or perhaps a fluorescent rainbow?  So much potential!  Don't you think this would look super cute as a present topper?  You could use fabric ink to stamp the back with a message?


  1. These are very special.

    Oh I wish I had some more time and space to venture into such loveliness


  2. I am going to get some hoops TODAY. This is so cute!

  3. They're unreal! I wish I could cross stitch. Neatly. Kellie xx

  4. Oh they're very cute, and the green works beautifully against the check fabric. They would definitely look lovely as present toppers ... :)


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