25 June 2011

Spotty dotty note cards...

I've been selling a whole bunch of stuff on eBay lately thanks to a huge wardrobe clear out.  It's kind of funny because I barely break even when I look at postage costs and the time it takes to list and post each item, but I enjoy doing it anyway.  There's something nice about sending my poor purchasing decisions (too small, too big, just not me...) off to Croatia and the UK and Russia and knowing that someone is hopefully going to get some joy out of them.  

And I also enjoy putting packages together.  I like to make them a little bit special - even if it is just for a pair of $1.99 shoes!  But obviously I don't want to spend too much time or money making it special...so I came up with these spotty dotty note cards.  Using thick card stock and those dot stickers you can get at every stationers, I've been making my eBay packages a little bit brighter! Actually, I think I'm a bit obsessed with these dot stickers, as you'll see when I get around to blogging about my packages for the Creative Collective Snail Mail Swap...


  1. Very thoughtful of you and a lovely idea

  2. What a lovely idea! I buy and sell a lot on eBay and am really touched when a seller goes to the effort of packaging the item carefully or with special little touches. x

  3. These are super fun! Such a creative and simple idea-- I love it!

  4. Simple and funky - I love this design.

    PS the creative ideas admiration is mutual! ;) - thanks for your comment on my tunnel book.


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