20 June 2011

Etsy Greetings June Team Challenge

One of the things I love most about making stuff is how it can connect you to other people.  And one of the best crafty communities that I've become involved in this year has been the Etsy Greetings Team.  Our team leader is ridiculously hard working and dedicated, and the team members seem on the whole to be a lovely bunch of individuals, quick to offer support and advice.

This month the team has been holding a challenge where we got to vote on a digital paper pack and then we each made cards based around that paper pack.  It has been quite amazing to see the depth of creativity and the different techniques and styles people have applied.  You can see some other examples here, here and here.  And you can find the original digital paper pack by Katie's Wish here - her designs are stunning!

And here are my two efforts.  As you can see it's taken me away from what my normally haphazard creations and in to some more traditional card making techniques, which has been a heap of fun.  What do you think?


  1. Very, very cool! We need to make an appointment to get together and craft.

  2. Beautiful cards and a great challenge! It is a wonderful team, isn't it?

  3. These are so sweet, I like your cas style........have super day!

    ....enjoy *~*

  4. Beautiful cards, Emily :)

  5. Great post! I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge!

    :) ahna

  6. Great job on both of them!

  7. Hi emily! Ur cards and envelopes are so gorgeous! Im in EtsyGreetings too, in case u're wondering how I found ur blog! (((: following ur blog now and hope we'll be in touch! (:


  8. Emily I think you could run a course on card marking in Seoul.. not that I know Seoul but I know I'd attend a workshop of yours if you had one in Sydney!


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