02 August 2010

Yo-yo crazy!

With the husband working so hard at the moment (boo!) I have had quite a few nights sitting on the couch crafting (hip hip hooray!) which has finally given me a chance to try out my yo-yo maker.  It's quite fun, making yo-yos, I think!

I'll be listing these brooches (and more) in the slightly neglected shop over the next few days.

Hope you like x


  1. I love these - they are so pretty and perfect for this weather. SO pretty. You're a clever chicita.

  2. you, my friend, are way too kind!

  3. These are so cute Emily!!! I am sure they will do well in your store. :) I have become addicted to making yoyo's too, LOL. So addicted, in fact, that I am buying yoyo makers in other shapes too, he he.


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