10 August 2010

Connected again!

[amazing foxy photo by Rob Lee]

It's been three long days without the internet but finally, after phoning a friend who then did battle with the Korean internet company, I am once again connected to the world!  Hurrah!  I missed you all so much!

I seriously have about 25 posts lined up in my head - I just need to find the time to write them all (when I started this blog I promised the husband I would not blog when I was meant to be doing something else more useful and productive.  Ummmm, not so much.)

In the meantime - at our favourite Korean BBQ restaurant last night I had a beer shandy and I loved it! Lemonade + beer.  It was sweet and bitter and delicious and refreshing!  The perfect drink for the oh so hot Seoul summer.  Also, I think this means I am now officially a middle aged Australian woman...Hurrah?

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