11 August 2010

Death by Doxie: Goodnight from Elfi

When we welcomed our first dog - Ferdi - in to the family, my husband was we were determined to have him sleep on his own little bed preferably somewhere other than the bedroom, somewhere easy to clean. I think that lasted, oh, at least three nights.  He cried so much on the first two nights that our lovely neighbours bought him a big fluffy dog as a comforter (he still has it).

Having quickly broken our heart with his crying, we caved and moved Ferdi's little bed in to the bedroom.  And before long he was nosing me awake at 5 am and I'd sneak him in to our bed. And before long he was in our bed right from lights out.  And there's no going back from there...

So our second dog - Elfi - has always slept in our bed.  When she sees signs that it might be nearing bed time, she likes to get in their first and make a nest, a mound of pillows.  It looks so comfy, it almost seems a pity to disturb her.  Perhaps I should sleep on the floor?

[it seems dachshunds are known for wheedling their way in to ones bed, if this Flickr group is anything to go by :  A Dachshund In My Bed]

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