28 August 2010

Four days in Melbourne

Apologies for the total blog neglect but I have a good reason, I promise.  I just spent a weekend in Sydney with the step-sons and then four fabulous hectic days in Melbourne catching up with friends and family, so wonderful!  As typical of my Melbourne trips, it was a total food fest from start to finish - hurrah!

Some good things:
- Dinner at The Toff with my Mum and big sister, a seriously good family catch up.  And the food!  Freakin' amazing!  Fresh, flavoursome Thai influenced food in smallish to-share serves which let you sample lots of different dishes (my favourite way to eat!).  The spiced coconut, lime and lemongrass broth is heaven in a glass.  And the Thai inspired cocktails are equally delicious.
- Hanging out with my Mum's new dog Jack, who is a bundle of energy and quite the charmer.  (If Ferdi and Elfi are reading this, you know you are my favourite hounds...)
- Discovering some surprisingly good retail in my old hood (Kew), including Bingo Betty (note the lego light fixtures in the photo above)
- Spending time (though not nearly enough) with the nephews
- Lamb!  Lamb is rather scarce in Asia (it's all about the pig and the chicken here) so whenever we go back to Australia it's nice to indulge - lamb roast, lamb cutlets, lamb skewers...
- Taking my completely mad but seemingly happy Grandma to lunch at the McClelland Sculpture Park - I never knew this place existed but it is fabulous.  Beautiful native gardens full of sculpture, plus a gallery with interesting exhibitions and a lovely cafe.  If you're ever in Melbourne's south east it's well worth a visit.
- Raiding my Mother-in-law's fabric stash.  She's an avid quilter and has the most amazing fabric collection - a whole room full.  And she's currently de-cluttering so she let me loose in there.  Hurrah indeed!
- Lusting after all the mid-century modern goodness at 20th Century Scandinavia

ps. I also picked up a hideous head cold while I was there, not so good.  If you have any fail safe remedies for clearing sinuses please let me know.  I need help!


  1. we loved seeing you too. ari keeps asking when you are coming back - no too distant future i hope. possible you got that cold from ari too - for him our remedies are chicken soup and vicks (not at the same time...)?

  2. I need to find my way over there....lovely lovely spaces...

  3. It sounds like an amazing trip - loving the eats, and the fabric and the nephews and all of it really.

    Sinuses - steamy shower and blow your nose. Seriously.. It's been my saviour this Winter with an ongoing sinus infection. Also if you can get Fess Spray, or even just sea salt dissolved in warm water inhaled (can be painful) but just keep flushing it out. Hope you feel better soon. x

  4. Try using a Neti pot. A Neti pot is a small ceramic pot used to getnly flush the irritants out of the nose and sinus’ that might otherwise not be eliminated due to the general structure of the body. Don’t use tap water, distilled is your best bet. It is also safe to use on a daily basis especially with allergy season rapidly approacing. If that doesn’t give you the relief you need then you sould talk to an ENT which is a doctor who specializes in your kind of problem. Which ever one you choose I hope that you start to feel better soon.


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