31 July 2010

Good Things...

[photo by brittalicious]

Some things that happify me right now:

- Roast chicken.  For whatever strange reason I've spent a large portion of my life as a vegetarian (gasp!), so whilst I can whip up a tasty salad and am the queen of delicious pasta dishes I have always been a bit unsure of my meat cooking ability.  I've been experimenting with various tips and tricks for roasting a chook and the other night I hit the jackpot baby - moist, juicy meat and crispy skin!  Yum!  Next time I make it, I'll share the recipe with you if you want?

- Rediscovering the joys of Bill Bryson - his dry wit, super geekery and clear love of language.

- Little Birds.  A cute craft book chock full of awesome projects which all feature birds, of course.  Tweet tweet!  I used it when I made my stuff to send in the Handmade #Tweetswap that I recently hosted (you can have a look here).  I have pretty much flagged every page as 'I want to try this'.  Expect handmade birds for xmas people.

- So You Think You Can Dance (the current US Season).  My passion for certain reality TV shows is my dirty little not-so-secret.  And seeing as the husband is traveling a lot at the moment, I've been able to indulge in a ton of few episodes of SYTYCD.  I am beyond hooked. And I get just a teensy bit over excited watching it - my clapping, cheering and desire to wear leg-warmers / leotards tends to freak the dogs out...

- This video of DJ Mama who is, in fact, a French Bulldog.  Gosh I love the internet!

Happy weekend to you all x


  1. mmmm roast chicken is amazing. What's your secret? I like to stuff mine with lemons.

  2. I haven't tried the lemon trick yet...I use little chickens (less cooking time), rub some butter in under the skin, put some stock in the base of the baking pan and also do a quick blast of super high heat at the start. The combo of all of those tricks picked up from a bunch of different recipes seemed to work...perhaps I need to add a lemon to the mix!

  3. Yum! sounds delicious! love that butter under the skin trick :D

  4. Do you do deliveries?

    I blooming LOVE roast chicken, urgh I want some now! Also with some stuffing love....whilst your there ;P


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