16 August 2010

Etsy Spotlight*: Designed by Jane

*Etsy Spotlight - where I get to share some of my most favourite Etsy shops!

Firstly, let me say if you don't know about Designed by Jane then you clearly take no interest in anything I do on-line because when I stumbled upon this shop I was so beside myself with excitement I think I shouted it from every rooftop I could!  Seriously - aren't these the most breathtakingly beautiful brooches?  The colours!  The embroidery!  The attention to detail!  I own two of them and they are just as fabulous in real life.  Amazing.

[As a side issue, I would like to take this opportunity to say : Designed by Jane, your brooches would be a steal at double the price.  $12.50!  Are you kidding me?  Your work is worth way way more!  That is all.]

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