12 August 2010

Happy Birthday Joe!

It's Joe's birthday today - so we all say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I hope he's had an awesome day x

[ps. do you like the card I made him?  I think it's genius, even if I do say so myself!]


  1. Love Ferdi's eye roll... "Just what is on my head here..."

  2. aaaaahahaha so great. that last shot of the eyes looking up is amazing

  3. Love the beautiful dog photos, love the hats and the soulful looks. Pass my birthday wishes on to Joe and there is another Etsy opportunity - daschund photo cards, it is great.

  4. I should do a post mortem pic of what happened to the party hats AFTER the photo shoot. Let's just say the dogs got their revenge...

    And yes, I have been doing with the idea of photo cards, so thanks for the encouragement. Just need to find someone who'll print them exactly how I want them and at the right price!

  5. That is such a great card - you are so clever. Those shots are fantastic.


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