20 August 2010

Me + two million Koreans visit Busan

A few weeks ago I had the chance to tag along on one of my husband's work trips and head south to Busan, also known as Korea's 'summer capital'.  

We just happened to be there in the week that is the absolute height of the summer holidays, when local newspapers claim that 2 million tourists descend on Busan's five beaches.  2 million!  Really?  Whatever the numbers, it was quite a sight and gave the place a wonderful happy holiday atmosphere - most enjoyable, provided you don't actually want to get near the water.

[aside from it's beaches, Busan is also renowned for it's crazy fresh - as in still wriggling - seafood.  After witnessing a rather lively eel being 'prepared' for a diner at one of these seafood stalls, my squeamishness got the better of me...]


  1. It looks amazing. Is that a real person lying on the sand? Who needs to travel when I have your blog to live through?! x

  2. Yep, that's a real person all right! They would have been roasting, so very hot...


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