11 August 2010

Hello Inside Out!

I am a certified magazine junkie.  Love them, collect them, tear pages out them, get inspired by them.

I've mentioned before that good cheese is rather pricey in Korea - well, compared to English language magazines, cheese is a bargain!  You can pay over AUD$20 for a stock standard fashion mag from the US here - yikes!  The good thing is that this has prompted me to get organised and set up subscriptions to some of my favourite Australian magazines - AGT, Frankie and Inside Out.

And it was a rather lovely treat to get the September/October issue of Inside Out in my mailbox and see my ridiculously talented sister featured!  Being on the other side of the world I can feel a bit isolated from my friends and family back in Oz, so something like this - complete with beautiful photos - is a nice little connector for me, and strangely reassuring.

I am the younger sister, and like all younger siblings I'm sure I was a total pain at times growing up.  I went through jealous phases and uncertain phases and my gosh - sometimes the fights we had were just so brutal...

But, despite all that, I think we have always been close.  And although having families of our own and living on opposite sides of the world makes it hard to always find that common ground, that link, I think we still do try to find it.  And that is so very important.

I was always in awe of my sister's creativity and talent growing up, and I still am.  Especially now she does it all with two children and a million distractions (including emails from me asking for blog banners and the like!).  Always inspiring.  In fact, seeing the photos of her house has inspired me to play around with some of my collections and displays - to play with size and scale a little more.  I might even do a post on it!  x

[you can see more from the article on Beci Orpin here, and also on her blog here]


  1. you the total pain - i doubt it! i was definitely the noisy and annoying thorn in the whole families side! i was a teenage nightmare and you know it! and FYI i was always jealous of that ridiculous intelligence of yours, and how you managed to be so sensible and reasonable and calm most of the time (except when you were being stubborn - which is one of my fav traits of you anyway).

    anyway, i am so happy i could inspire a little re-decorating - blog it! blog it! i want to see!!

  2. That is soo cool to open a mag and see your big sis in it!


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