30 August 2010

Death by Doxie x Flickr Finds

Yes, my two doxies are completely adorable but I have to be honest and acknowledge that there are many handsome dachshunds in the world.  And also many people who take much better photographs than I do.  So in Death by Doxie x Flickr Finds I get to share some photos I wish I could have taken of my hounds.

These two - of the gorgeous Lucas and Otto - are from Nicolas Penna.  You can see more of his dog related work here.

ps. One of my all time favourite dachshund photographers is the Brisbane based Serenah Photography,  They have disallowed downloading of their work, so I can't do a blog post on them (well I could, but it would be all words), BUT you absolutely MUST go and have a look at their photos featuring Ralph, the mini dachshund here.  Or at least check out my personal favourites here, here and here (and here. Oh damn it the whole set is a favourite.  They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry, they'll make you want to rush out and get a dachshund (and a really good camera)...


  1. naaaaaaaaawwwwww!!! these make me SO happy. the linked one 'banger and mash' is hilarious. ralph is delish!

  2. I love dachshunds, and have always wanted one but unfortunately i'm allergic to dogs :(
    At least i can enjoy Ralph's adventures :)
    oh and thanks for the visit, will thing of you next time im at camberwell market
    xx cinti


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