16 May 2011

My Black Thumb of Death

[crochet cacti by planetjune]

I do not have a green thumb.  I don't even have a green-tip-of-my-pinky.  In fact, my thumb is so not green I recently managed to provide a slow painful death for a succulent.  Yep, a succulent.  Those plants that are sold as 'impossible to kill' and 'perfect for the non-gardener'.  

So it was with a slight sinking feeling that I recently received a gift of grow-your-own basil.  But ignoring my track record I followed the picture instructions (plant seeds, water - tricky stuff!), put the pot on the kitchen window and held my breath.  And guess what?  It's sprouting and growing and totally not dying!  Ok, so it's not quite at the 'honey can you pick me some basil to toss in this pasta' stage yet, but may there is still hope for my black thumb of death?

To be continued...


  1. Your basil looks very promising, good work!! I have given up trying to grow anything from seed. I once killed a cactus which I had been told was impossible and even failed to get wild flowers to grow in our garden... :(


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