18 May 2011

The A to Z of Animals

I may have expressed my love of Muji before but it really can't be overstated: I adore Muji. Unfortunately the Muji stores in Korea tend to focus more on the useful stuff (like blankets and slippers and wooden spoons), rather than the fun Muji stuff.  Luckily I visit Hong Kong just enough to assuage my Muji-fun-stuff cravings - like this book for example, which allows you to create a paper animal alphabet, hurrah!

During the recent school holidays, a desperate attempt to corral the overflow of orgami and paper craft in Joe's room and to create some space so that his desk could actually serve the purpose for which it was designed led to this - an animal alphabet garland (in a to z order of course).  Cool, huh? It's given me some crafty ideas too...

ps. did you notice the 'U' is a unicorn?!

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  1. I love this to pieces. I miss Muji too. Australia doesn't have them but I lapped them up in London. Such a fab chain. x


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