12 May 2011

Death by Doxie

I'm sitting in the airport in cold and rainy Melbourne, waiting to start the long trip home.  It's been a pretty fabulous visit (more on that latter) but I'm not jumping for joy about the journey ahead.  The flight is overbooked which is never fun, plus it means my upgrade request didn't go through (*sheds tears, stamps feet, says 'it's not fair' in voice of tantrum throwing three year old, etcetera*).  But, in two plane rides (and a brief Hong Kong stopover) I'll be home hanging out with my hounds and my husband, so it's all good really!


  1. It's always hard to leave after a fun trip, but it's nice to know home is on the other side :-) Safe travels!

  2. Those photos are adorable ... I wish you a safe journey home (what a pity about missing out on the upgrade).


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