04 May 2011

A day at the Zoo

When the step-sons where here for the Australian school holidays we went to the Seoul Zoo.  It's part of a huge sprawling complex that also includes a theme park and art museum, as well as parks, lakes, hills, hiking trails and, of course, hikers.  

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and a weekend, and we were a bit taken aback by the mass of people (silly, I know).  It was really, really packed.  Which kind of added to the festive air and the Korean-ness of it all, but limited our actual ability to see any animals.  Which probably wasn't a bad thing, as whilst a lot of the enclosures where quite large and appropriate, some of them were a bit depressing (seeing my favourite animal - the pygmy hippo - in a concrete bunker nearly broke my heart).  

On the positive side the giant river otters looked happy and playful and super cute, and the lions had a big family unit and lots of space to roam about.  Plus, there were awesome balloons everywhere, and a super long chairlift ride with fabulous views.  Three stars.


  1. You could not, in a million years, get me on that chairlift! Looks awesome though

  2. I love the shots of the balloons. I hate depressing zoos, we went to a horrible one in Manila, we left within 10 minutes because I didn't want to witness more animal neglect !

  3. vanilla pixie - I must admit my heart was in my mouth at first, but it is very slow and not too high off the ground, and there is netting everywhere so it wasn't too bad! Wait till you see what I faced on our road trip...


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