19 May 2011

Three vases I love right now...

I am slowly, slowly building a collection of white vases and I would very much love this stunning piece to be the next addition.  It's by German porcelain manufacturer Kaiser, and it can be found in the truly amazing vintage decor store 1001 Vintage (but don't you go and buy it ya hear?  It's mine, all mine!)

Even though I can't buy Jonathan Adler anywhere (not in Hong Kong! not in Seoul! and only the tiniest bit in Australia!) I torture myself by getting his updates delivered right to my inbox, where I can dream of what I might buy if they didn't charge US$300 for shipping one table cloth (you think I'm joking about that shipping cost? I looked in to it and unfortunately I'm not...).  First on my list would be something bright and cheerful from the Carnaby range, the blue scale vase perhaps?

And then, because it's all about bits of greenery floating in the air right now, there's these lovely test tube vases from Pigeon Toe.

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