23 May 2011

Spring in the Garden: Maple

Oh hello, Monday.  You again hey?  What I really need is a week in bed with cups of hot tea and endless crosswords, but what I get instead is you, with all your to do lists and wants and demands. Bleurgh.

Nevermind, here are some pretty pictures of the Japanese maples in our garden, which have burst to life after Winter which such force!  They always cheer me up.  I remember we planted a Japanese maple in our front yard when I was a kid, and it always seemed so exotic and pretty and fragile.  It didn't do too well though, partly I guess because it's the Japanese maple, not the Melbourne, Australia maple.  And partly because it was somewhat overawed by the giant, giant oak tree (this thing was, is, huge!) that was also out the front and that no doubt pinched all it's water and sunshine.  Boo to the bully oak!

By way of comparison, here's what the maple looked like four short weeks ago:

Hope your week is kicking off to a good start! x


  1. oh i LOVE japanese maples! so beautiful

  2. I am currently becoming a huge fan of Japanese Maples. I have at least one in my yard (jury is still out on one that's a mystery) and I'm crushing on the colour & shape of the leaves.

  3. how pretty to see the difference a few weeks makes!

  4. Though not a fan of Mondays - I am definitely a fan of your pictures of the Japanese Maple absolutely beautiful - thank you

  5. New life heralded in with such spectacular colour is fantastic indeed.
    The third image is my favourite with the contrasting ruby red in the leaves and the pale blue of the sky.

    I actually saw the most amazing Maple in full autumn glory on Saturday sitting on the corner of the very aptly named Maple Street in a nearby country town.

    xx F


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