02 May 2011

Three photographers I love right now...

You may have noticed that when I choose to use other people's photography on this blog it tends to be of the soft, vintage feel variety - muted tones, vaseline smeared lenses, filters, layers, scratches.  Which is kind of strange because the kind of photography that really gets my heart pumping, that makes me feel a bit tingly all over when I stumble across it, is the exact opposite of that.  The stuff I really get excited about is fleeting, raw moments captured; it's strangers on the street; it's often stark, urban, beautiful and a little bit bleak (a bit like a Jeffrey Smart painting I guess).  

Here are three photographers that I really love right now:

Matthias Heiderich who is based in Berlin.  That's his photo up there.  He has the most amazing eye for form, colour and texture.  His urban landscapes are beautifully framed, the way he picks out pattern and symmetry and bright pops of colour really bowls me over - what skill, what talent (and he's self taught)!

David Runacres (aka RunnyInHongKong) who is, unsurprisingly, based in Hong Kong (and I just realised originally from Melbourne, Australia!).  David plays with a wide range of cameras to capture Hong Kong, and he really does exactly that - capture Hong Kong.  Each of his beautiful street shots are a little slice of that most fabulous city.  I especially love the black and white ones, so much texture and movement and life!

Dayv Matt is a new favourite, currently based in Seoul (I stumbled upon him via Twitter).  His webpage says he's 'addicted to cursing, simple white dress shirts, and shooting street photography.' His images are not about fancy post-production, they are about capturing moments - revealing, funny, sad, romantic...

Who are your favourite photographers?


  1. Living life through the lens.....my new tagline. There are so many amazing photographers to mention. Racetay (Etsy) is perhaps one of my favorites. I love the photos that have what I call "no purpose" to them. Thanks for sharing Emily:)

  2. Thanks for mentioning my photography. :)


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