07 May 2011

Road Trip: Busan Fish Market

On our recent-ish road trip down south we stopped at one of the big fish markets in Busan (it's a seafoody kind of town so there's a few of them).  I could have happily spent hours there with my trusty Canon, snapping away, but I was traveling with Mr Attention Span Of A Gnat, Mr Impatient, and Mr Why On Earth Are You Taking A Photo Of That so it was not to be.  Which may have been for the best as some of the stall holders were not overjoyed with my photographic interest, so moving on quickly proved fortuitous. 

Anyway.  Look at the colours!  Notice how all the fishmongers are women?  And they wear the most amazing outfits - bright pink rubber gloves, aprons in vibrant green and orange and red, layers and layers of clothing in floral patterns and blocked hues.  And then there's the giant crabs and long fish, and those strange things that look a bit like dragon fruit but clearly aren't.  Plus sting rays!  Yes, sting rays!  Have you ever seen a skinned sting ray before?  Plus those rainbow umbrellas, and the pink and blue plastic trays everything sits in (I am most definitely getting me some of those).  Wonderful stuff.

There'll be some more fish market magic somewhere on my Flickr, if you are so inclined.


  1. Beautiful! I remembered snapping heaps of photos too when I was there...such an amazing place all the colours, smell and sounds! Wished we had access to a kitchen then to cook some of the fresh seafood!

  2. Beautiful Photos, and Colors!! :) I love them :)

  3. Argh, stuff of nightmares there...

  4. Although I do like the way those little silver fish are arranged on the blue baskets.

  5. I have a Mr Why on earth are you taking a photo of that also. So, your not along there.

    These pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love your photos!
    The orderly piles of fish look amazing!
    (at least us bloggers understand the need to photograph everything!!).


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