01 September 2011

(Instant) Collections: Sheet Music

I've mentioned before that any time I head back to Melbourne I always make time for a spot of op shopping.  Here's an instant collection I picked up from my last visit - sheet music from the 1940s. The illustrations and fonts are simply wonderful, and I love the soft thickness of the old paper.  And that's not to mention the history hidden in the titles and lyrics.  

When I originally started searching for sheet music I was thinking of making envelopes, gift tags and the like, but these are way to precious to cut up!  I might have to scan them and use them that way?  Can you guess which one is my favourite?


  1. Oh wow! these are amazing! I must go op shopping with you some time! :)

    I'm not sure which one is your favourite, is it the one with the birds?

    I think the Daybreak one is my favourite!

  2. These are gorgeous, I love the title "we'll have a honeymoon some day" awww

  3. Dannielle - you guessed correctly! I love the colours and lines of the bird one :)


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