30 August 2011

Mail art from Saylor Made

Look!  This is the amazing mail art package I recently received from Saylor Made - isn't it all kinds of wonderful?  I really love the way all the bits hang together so nicely, and I especially like the gorgeous floaty fleeting watercolours.

She included: a 'bonjour note card (with a lovely note!); two gorgeous water colour prints; a magazine clipping of some wintery red berries in a hand drawn frame ('for the birds'); a print of some of her favourite stamps (love this, great idea that I just might pinch...); an etching of a maple leaf from her nature collection; googly eyes; my initials in fuzzy felt; and last but most definitely not least - a 'blarg' print, which I can very much relate too.  All encased in a handmade envelope of perfection:

I am itching to show you my reply, but I'll hold off until I know my package has been received.  To be continued...


  1. Jeannine always sends the most lovely packages....I Love her prints and the sycamore drawing.

  2. I feel ecstatic to hear you loved my package! Thank you for these kind words.

    Feel free to use the stamp print idea. I like to trade stamps, but cannot part with my favourites. This was my best solution.

    I will let you know as soon as I receive your package. Actually, you may hear the 'wooohooos' from here. ;-)

  3. Beautiful collection ~ everything in such a soft and delicate palette. Looking forward to seeing what you've sent back!

  4. Great prints!
    And thanks for your lovely messages! Google-translate doesn't do the trick for translating my blog? :) Maybe I must consider some translating myself, but my english is just soooo crappy (kind of dutch-english haha)
    And you're very welcome to come market visiting!


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