21 September 2011

Three (by three) pairs of shoes I'm loving right now...

[Image of total loveliness by Lola's Room]

So yes.  I am a female.  And I love shoes.  Oh it's all just so terribly typical and cliched and predictable, isn't it?  But, there it is.  Sigh.  I love shoes to the point that I acquired three new pairs this week (it doesn't happen every week, I promise).  I love shoes to the point that I have some in my collection that I can't even wear, they are just so darn pretty it makes me smile to look at them.  I loves shoes to the point that when the step-sons are drawing humorous caricatures of their nearest and dearest they always draw me standing next to my giant cupboard of shoes, or doing some other shoe related thing.

Here are some that are currently in my shoe-dreams:

The lovely Pip from Meet Me At Mikes has written before about her penchant for a pair of Swedish Hasbeens, but it wasn't until this morning, when I saw a photo of her in mid-craft sporting a pair of these 'Jodhpurs', that I decided I needed to add them to my shoe wish list.

Woah!  Check these out!  Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly formed boot?  To me these are perfectly formed - just the right amount of buckles and straps, curves in the right places, toes that aren't too pointy or too round.  One of each please, Mr Lauren!  Yes, these are from Ralph Lauren!  Not normally the first name I think of when I dream of shoes but their current boot collection is very swoony I think.

And lastly, some sparkly shiny color-bursting fun from Miu Miu!  I swear if I owned that sparkly yellow pair I'd wear them every single day, they are so very happy! (And so very expensive.  Hence that is why they are in my shoe dreams, and not in my shoe cupboard.)


  1. I love your little slice of shoe heaven Emily and with the exception of the pink & green number would tip toe along any boulevard wearing them with great delight.

  2. Yes, the pink and green ones are pretty out there!

  3. I share your stereotypical shoe fetish :-)

  4. ooh thank you. now dreaming of some hasbeens.

  5. Oh yes! Shoes are quite possibly the best thing ever! Andrew calls me Imelda because of my issues with too many shoes. Quite frankly, I don't think there could ever be anything as too many shoes!

  6. Ooh Emily loving the Ralph Lauren boots :))))

  7. I like the pink and green ones! And i love boots with buckles and straps. Cool.


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