17 September 2011

52 Weeks of Mail

I've mentioned before that I'm a member of the awesome Etsy Greetings Team (I know I use that word a lot but this team really is awesome!).  A little while ago Angie from Bear River Photo Greetings threw a gem of an idea at the team - an idea about the joys of snail mail, about re-connecting with friends and relatives. And we all got a bit excited and some amazingly talented people pitched in with graphics and thus 52 Weeks of Mail was born!

The idea is that starting October 9 we are all committing to sending at least one note or card or letter to friends/family each week for a year.  Easy, yes?  Fun, yes?  Maybe you might want to join in to?  

More information here.
Tweet using the hash tag #52weeksofmail.
Add the button to your blog.
Send some love!


  1. Emily! I love this!! I'm so glad to see how excited everyone is getting about this!!! :-)

  2. L.O.V.E this idea Emily - thank you for sharing it.
    xx F

  3. We're going to make the world better with this project. I just know it. LOVE this!


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