03 September 2011

Cookery in Colour

Introducing the greatest thrifted cook book in the history of the world - Cookery in Colour (the Australian edition), published by The Australian Women's Weekly some time in the mid 60s from what I can gather.  

Yes, the cover looks just like any other old cookbook, food splattered and a little bit boring.  But look!  Inside is a treasure trove of clashing colours, fabulous fonts, checks and stripes and all kinds of food involving toothpicks.  And then there's the completely psychedelic 'easy party sweets' page.

From hence forth, all of my crafting inspiration will be guided by the patterns and hues in this glorious tome.  I love it so much I could post a photo of every single page, but then you might hate me, so here's just a little taste:


  1. in color indeed. LURID color! :D

  2. Those colour combinations look delicious. x

  3. that's so fantastic! Reminds me of the vintage Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook on Buffets that I came across recently that had belonged to my grandmother. So awesome to see the different design styles of the past; you've got a real gem there!


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