05 September 2011

Mail art to Saylor Made

Last week I wrote about the lovely mail art package I received from Saylor Made.  Well, I now know my reply has made it to her safe and sound so I can show you now as well!  I sent her a package themed around blue, birds and maps - three things that I spy on her blog and in her art on a regular basis, so I hoped it was all to her taste.
The package included: some mini bunting I made from street maps of Hong Kong and Korea; a print of one of my favourite photos from our recent visit to Dubrovnik; some 'Jorpins' owl stickers; a cut out of a seagull from a Korean magazine (a Busan seagull, no less!); three notecards featuring bird pictures from an old 'Book of How'; plus a few other bits and bobs.  You can see more on Saylor Made's blog here.


  1. That is such a lovely package.....she has been treated. Beautiful presentation.

    I do snail mail too...see my blog for details if you like....http://annarack.blogspot.com/

  2. I loved every bit of this package. The textures, imagery, colours, style, all of it. Were your stickers custom made from Moo? I love the look of them, were you happy with how they turned out?

  3. Oh Emily it all looks so gorgeous, & the winning prise to go to Felicity is a good choice as she is a true gifter :))) Have a lovely week.


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